Advocacy for Low-Income Children with Disabilities in California 2018

  • Family Law

Why You Should Attend
Attendees will receive the basic information needed to identify and represent low-income children in California with education, health care, and public benefits issues.  After the workshop, attendees will be armed with knowledge of the basic substantive law regarding special education, discipline for students with disabilities, advocacy for foster youth, foster care benefits, CalWORKs, and SSI, that can be used to provide vital representation to a low-income child in California on a pro bono basis. 

What You Will Learn
• How to seek an assessment to determine if a child is eligible for special education and how to advocate for a strong Individualized Education Program (IEP) based on the unique needs of the child
• How to file for and succeed through the special education administrative hearing/due process, when a child’s right to a free appropriate public education has been denied
• How school discipline practices are pushing more children in to the juvenile delinquency system through the “school to prison pipeline”, and how trauma and unaddressed special education needs exacerbate these issues
• How to identify and advocate for the education rights of youth in foster care and on probation
• How to address special considerations in representing youth and transition aged adults in SSI advocacy
• What health entitlements and resources are available for pregnant and parenting youth
• What health entitlements and legal strategies are available for youth with mental health disabilities
• What to do when you are representing a youth with disability issues in juvenile court

Who Should Attend
Any attorney interested in providing pro bono assistance to low-income children in California.