Preparing the Case: Litigation on Behalf of Low Income Clients

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Why You Should Attend
Affirmative litigation can be a powerful tool to protect low income people’s rights.  From addressing substandard housing conditions and stopping unfair business practices perpetuated by landlords looking to increase profit margins, to bringing about significant structural changes and ending unconstitutional practices, bringing a lawsuit is often the only option to get the relief a client or a community needs.  But the decision to bring an affirmative case can be daunting, for both potential plaintiffs and attorneys new to litigation.   

As part of PLI’s pro bono initiative in California, this free half-day session will empower practitioners with the tools they need to effectively develop their affirmative cases.    More specifically, expert litigators on behalf of low income clients will provide practical tips and guidance for attorneys seeking to make a difference for low income people in our community.   

What You Will Learn
• How preparing and developing an affirmative lawsuit differs from defending a lawsuit.
• How early procedural considerations related to filing an affirmative lawsuit can affect the course of the litigation. 
• How to prepare your clients for what can often be stressful and invasive questioning at a deposition.
• Tips for conducting pre-litigation research that will help prepare your clients for their depositions.
• How to connect with your low income clients in a culturally competent way that fosters trust and cooperation.

Who Should Attend
This program is designed for new attorneys and attorneys new to litigation, who are interested in developing affirmative litigation on behalf of low income clients.  The program will address common litigation issues through the lens of housing litigation, which is a critical area of law for low income people in California and the country, as well as a common area of law for pro bono attorneys.