Advocacy for Low-Income Children with Disabilities in California 2019

  • Family Law
  • Juveniles
  • Mental Health

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Why You Should Attend
Attend this program so that you can receive the information you need to identify and represent low-income children in California with education, healthcare, and public benefits issues.  Learn the basic substantive law regarding special education, discipline for students with disabilities, advocacy for foster youth, foster care benefits, and healthcare for youth who are pregnant and parenting and those with mental health needs, so you can take a pro bono case to assist a low-income child in California.

What You Will Learn
• Addressing the special education needs of low-income children with disabilities through the IEP: The basics
• How trauma impacts learning and how to create trauma informed IEPs
• Addressing bullying through the IEP process
• How to address foster care benefits issues for youth in the dependency and juvenile justice systems including how to navigate the State’s new rate systems and how to better support youth placed with relatives
• What health entitlements and legal strategies are available for youth who are pregnant or parenting
• How to better advocate for youth with mental health needs

Who Should Attend
Any attorney interested in providing pro bono assistance to low-income children in California.