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Central Valley Pro Bono

Join your colleagues in signing onto the Central Valley Pro Bono Challenge

Currently, over 4.3 million Californians are unable to access legal services, and it is estimated that 200,000 of these persons reside in Fresno County. These numbers represent families with young children, persons with disabilities, veterans, victims of domestic violence and elder abuse, seniors, immigrants and other low-income individuals. The demand for services from CCLS' client community surpasses the capacity of the staff and other resources of CCLS. Recognizing the growing severity of the unmet legal needs of the poor and disadvantaged in the central valley communities,we ask you to join with other attorneys and firms in Fresno County in providing the legal aid community with pro bono legal services by signing on to the Central Valley Pro Bono Outreach Project.

Central Valley Pro Bono is a joint project of Central California Legal Services (CCLS), OneJustice, and Pro Bono Net. Through this site, CCLS supports attorneys, law firms, and law students who donate their time and/or resources in providing legal assistance to low-income seniors, individuals, and families.

Individual attorneys and law firms can provide invaluable pro bono assistance to our clients every day through legal clinics and limited scope and direct representation on individual cases and actions involving major litigation.

About this site offers many resources through which volunteers can locate and connect with pro bono opportunities

The About section contains more information on the details of the challenge and links to pledge forms you can also join the site by clicking on any links titled "Click here to sign onto the challenge"

The Calendar section features upcoming events clinics and trainings especially designed for pro bono attorneys and students; you can search the calendar by date or geographical location.

The Volunteer Opportunities section describes the different volunteer opportunities available as well as the advantages and benefits that come with volunteering including recognition and training opportunities.

The Volunteer Resources section highlights the different resources support available for volunteers.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Why Does an IP Attorney Volunteer at a Free Senior Legal Clinic?
By George Leavell, Esq.
It wasn’t because these seniors needed help with their patent applications! I enjoyed the opportunity to help a couple of local seniors address their estate plans at the recent CCLS Senior Legal Clinic in Merced. My two clients had “modest” estates. They had questions. They had concerns. They wanted to make sure their heirs understood what was needed and what they wanted. They were genuinely concerned about what will happen when they pass from this mortal realm. They wanted to make sure their passing caused the least amount of disruption to their family’s lives. But they did not know … what they did not know. They needed a little professional guidance and help. Sure, their issues were relatively simple and not very challenging, professionally. But… It was FUN to help them! It was GRATIFYING to be able to allay some of their doubts and fears! The BEST part, was the relief and smiles on their faces that “someone” heard their concerns and was willing and able to help them! Giving them a reason to smile is one of the best parts of being an attorney. The knowledge and opportunity to help someone else is a great combination! It is good for your psyche. I challenge you to help make the world just a little better place!

Note: George Leavell is a California intellectual property attorney in Merced, California. He is the current Treasurer of the Merced County Bar Association. Re-printed courtesy of the MCBA Newsletter, March 2017.
For more information about VLSP and upcoming volunteer opportunities please contact Paul Carter Mullen, VLSP Supervising Attorney at (559) 570-1224 or by email at:

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