Why are there regional pro bono websites and this statewide site?

This site exists to support pro bono efforts around the state. California also offers several regional pro bono websites, including www.probono.net/bayarea.

Pro bono is largely based on relationships and in many instances those relationships are based on local geography. CaliforniaProBono.org supports the pro bono efforts of the broad legal community throughout the state through its calendar, news, resources and Pro Bono Programs Guide.

The regional pro bono sites work to support the pro bono efforts in their local area by offering information and referrals to pro bono providers in their region and, in some instances, through the posting of current pro bono cases and opportunities. The regional sites in California include - www.probono.net/bayarea (for the San Francisco/Bay Area region) and www.probono.net/ca/socal/ (for the Southern California region) .

Many legal services organizations also offer information about their pro bono projects on their own websites; volunteers can find these organizations and their sites by searching in the Pro Bono Programs Guide on this website.

Therefore, CaliforniaProBono.org and probono.net/bayarea function together to form a technological backbone for both statewide and local pro bono work in California.