How do I find a pro bono opportunity in California?

There are 2 basicways to search for a pro bono opportunity around the state.

1. Use the Pro Bono Programs Guide:
You can use the Pro Bono Programs Guide on this website - a searchable database of all the pro bono programs around the state. Search by county, type of client you want to work work, substantive area of law, or other keys words.

The search results from the Programs Guide will allow you to link directly to the websites of pro bono programs that meet your search criteria!

2. Use a Regional Pro Bono Website:
If you are in the San Francisco/Bay Area or Los Angeles, you can go to the regional website supporting pro bono in that area.

- For the SF/Bay area, go to
- For the Southern California area, go to

- For the Central Valley area, go to

- For pro bono for rural Californians - click HERE.